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Permaculture Garden Creation.

Looking to have a regenerative landscape? How about a food forest with a fish pond? Or an organic garden bed with herbs and rain catchment. We can create the front or backyard to be productive enough to have lots of food for your kitchen in just one season. The design process will work with nature identifying wind patterns, soil quality, sun, and shade so you know what to plant where, and why. And yes, we can also do the installation for you too.

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Edible Fruit Nursery’s mission is to provide easy-to-grow bountiful food to everyone’s garden at an affordable price

Privacy with Food over Fencing

We provide full & comprehensive services in irrigation, and landscape design with permaculture principles in mind. Contact us now.

Mangoes, Avocados, Papayas and more.

At our Certified Nursery, we are constantly growing hundreds of trees for many projects. Stop on by and get a few fruit trees for your garden.

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A foodscape is one where food happens to be in the ground year round. We will dig up hard pan soils and plant trees as big as 10 feet tall. with variety comes resiliancy.

Worm Castings, Compost, Organic Fertilizer

Healthy soil means healthy plants. We offer everything you need to keep your plants thriving. From EM, manure and more.

Drip System, Automatic Watering, Rain Catchment

It is essential to have a watering system that has a timer and accuracy. Never too wet or too dry. Let us help you.

Become a Permaculture Teacher or Designer

For the past ten years we have been actively teaching our beloved friends of South Florida all about sustainable living. From building conscious communities, starting an eco-business, composting, aquaculture, regenerative farming, natural building, food forestry and so much more. Permaculture is a whole systems approach to living. And taking a course is mind-blowing. Leave your email an we will keep you informed on our upcoming workshops and trainings.

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