Organic Seedling Pots 45 Pcs | Seed Starting Kit Peat Pots for Seedlings | 4 inch Planting Pots for small plants | Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots for Planting | Garden Pots with Plant Labels


This product includes 45 pots and 45 plant labels in a biodegradable mailer bag. And instructions. Enjoy!

QUALITY SEED STARTER KIT – As a Nursery Owner I know the importance of having a  plant starter kit that lasts the growing season. Our pots are stronger, and perfect for  potting soil seed starters and are a renewable alternative to plastic containers 

ECO-FRIENDLY GARDENING – Enjoy our line of gardening pots, planters & accessories with the backyard organic gardener and farmer in mind. These 100% compostable plant starter pots even make cool planters for indoor plants like herbs. 

TRULY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Our 100% biodegradable seed starters are molded using ink-free recycled newspaper. Unlike other “eco-friendly” pots that destroy millions of acres of peat ecosystems, you can be sure your purchase is local and green. 

OPTIMAL ENVIRONMENT FOR ROOTS – Our EcoGrow Nursery Pots breathe like clay,  keeping the soil moist and allowing roots to thrive. They biodegrade quickly, making them ideal for eco-conscious gardeners. They’re perfect for successful organic gardening

LARGE WOODEN PLANT LABELS – Avoid wasteful plastic pots and labels with our biodegradable packaging and natural wood labeling stick and keep track of your plants. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to an eco-friendly way to grow your garden. 


Are you ready to grow your own plants from seed? We were tired of throwing away  hundreds of plastic nursery pots. Look no further than our biodegradable seed starter  pots! Our goal is to provide the best seedling starter trays/ seed trays, peat pots /  planting pots, all designed to help you grow healthy, thriving plants. They work  excellent for starting cuttings, root divisions, and succulents too! 

Are you a seed planter like us? As an avid gardener and grower, we wanted something  that would help our customers grow with ease and avoid transplant shock with their  seed starter kit. Plastic nursery pots cause roots to circle and root shock can occur  when planting. Our pots encourage stronger roots that, like air-pruning pots, can be  directly planted for minimal plant shock. Now you can plant crops like melons,  squash, beans, and others early in the season. 

We spent months researching quality regenerative products to use and provide for  people. We chose to sell these pots because they are sturdy, easy to unstack, and we  can provide them at a great value. It’s the only pot we would recommend to  nurseries. 

We tested peat pellets, non-woven plant nursery bags / grow bags only to be  disappointed by them tearing easily, drying out, poor growth, and leaving micro  plastics in the soil. Seedling pots/seed starter pots need to offer moisture retention  and aeration to not get moldy like other poor-quality pots. Choose our Eco-friendly 

seed starter pots that are biodegradable, yet local and peat free for affordable stress free growing. 

Great alternative to plastic potting trays, our seed-starting pots are designed to help  you achieve success in your gardening endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener  or just starting out, our products are going to make your life easier, while still  providing you with the best possible growing conditions for your vegetables, fruit tree  seedlings or other plants. 

So why wait? Start your seeds off right with our high-quality seed starter pots and  watch as your plants grow and thrive. 


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 15 in

15 Gallon, 25 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 7 Gallon