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Serving Miami since 2010

Fruit Trees is our Specialty

“Permaculture or living sustainably and providing for our own needs has been a passion of mine for a long time. After a decade of teaching, I decided to open a nursery an offer ground covers, herbs, trees and more so people can do the same. “

Marcus Thomson

Founder of Company

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How can we be of service?

Grow Food not Lawns

Whats trending now is to have a landscape filled with edible plants and fruit trees that are low maintenance and good value. Many are inspired to learn how to grow and care for their gardens. We provide plants, workshops and installations throughout South Florida and beyond.

Privacy with Food over Fencing

Install a privacy hedge that gives fruit or spices to your kitchen. Much better than a fence.

Mangoes, Avocados, Papayas and more.

We can get everything you need to create your garden of eden.

Get Fruit Trees Installed

We provide full & comprehensive services in irrigation, landscaping...

Worm Castings, Compost, Organic Fertilizer

Healthy soil makes healthy fruit. Be sure to get quality nutrients from us!

Drip System, Automatic Irrigation, Rain Catchment

We provide full & comprehensive services in irrigation, landscape...

Quality Plants

Healthy nursery with rare and delicious fruit trees ready to plant.

Experienced Team

12 years making landscapes interesting and interactive.

Start to Finish

We will source all the plants, soil, irrigation and design your landscape to look beautiful

For Residence

  • Turn your lawn to food
  • Auto irrigation setup
  • Soil & Mulch Installation
  • Butterfly Gardens

For Commercial

  • Serving the tricounty area
  • Grow tea for your breakroom
  • IPM Natural pest control
  • Added value and beauty
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Our Awesome Plants

Cuttings, Seeds, Roots,
Fruit Trees, and Perennial Veggies